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Welcome to the launch of blog. I am Vicky. That's where the v in the name comes from, but thanks to my clever dad it also stands for very. We love very sharp photos here.

So join our journey.

As a young student of photography I want to share my learning experiences with you. I also want to show you some of the work I produce like the watermarked picture shown opposite. This should take us on a bit of an adventure and if you are a friend of the blog (a subscriber) from far away, it will show you lots of local Scottish scenes. Foreign photos will be dependent on the website being successful. I said my dad was clever not a millionaire.

Arts & Crafts

No excuses will appear on here about the commercialism of the blog or website. If someone wants to buy the Hasselblad shown on the site I would be very grateful......Just kidding it's  dream.

As a student I require expensive course books not to mention the camera equipment and accessories. However I want to share the tales of what we are learning and how to put it into action. This will hopefully engage with some of the amateur photographers who don't do photography in further education.

v-sharpphotos blog will be a non-spammy once a month production. That gives me plenty of time to cram in college, a part time job in a restaurant and going out like all young students do.

Thanks to my dad again, I already have a re-seller agreement with Canon, which is quite cool. Just by clicking their name and going on their site I get a few pounds to boost my kit fund. If you buy anything that is. There are agreements in place with other companies on the site and the same applies.

However what's the point of being in the photography game if you can't sell your own work. The site is about me heading for a more commercial understanding of what people want and I can provide this later. In the meantime I am selling the best of my current work. Hence the watermarks that will appear on all images for sale. Might try and sneak in the odd one though that doesn't, just to keep you coming back.

Loch Reflections - v-sharp photos

Photos available un-watermarked through

In the next blog I will tell you about current college assignments and go on to tell you more about the camera toys I currently use.  But also some of the toys that I can borrow for specific capturing.

Between now and the next more informative blog please subscribe and comment, visit the website, and think about any subjects you would like to discuss.

Haste ye Back!

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