I am a young Scottish photographer currently studying Photography at college. I left school early to ensure I got a head start in the career that I always wanted. Setting up this website gives me a chance to share my favourite work with many different people and then I can build from the feedback I get. 

One of my cameras is the Nikon D3200:

Nikon D3200
Nikon D3200

 My other camera and my main camera is the Canon 750D.

My Aims

This website is a way for me to start to make money from my pictures so that I can buy more equipment and add to my already growing collection. It will enable me to buy new cameras that will help me to constantly improve my skills. I would love to update my camera and learn to use other brands of camera.

So Who Am I

I thought I would include two pictures of myself so that there is a face to whose site this is, and the work is being displayed.

The Photographer becomes the photo