Terms of service

Please read the terms of service below to participate. Our main commitment to all users is that we will never spam your email account. You will never see more than four emails a year from us. Consequently we would rather you look at our website regularly. An exception being we may from time to time ask you to comment on your experience. We promise to NEVER sell your data to third parties. As a result they will only ever receive details about you during the process of you dealing with them directly.

All users should understand that by downloading any PDF files from our web site that you have accepted and agreed to the terms of service set out below.

V-sharpphotos.com will at all times monitor the success of sales offers through feedback. In making offers available from third parties we can accept no liability for any loss, damage or injury sustained in dealing with them.

As a user you are important to us and we want you to come to the site and look for photo and equipment sales. All we ask is that you remember that some of the sales offers featured are offered by third parties and affiliates. V-sharpphotos.com has no control over the quality of the final offer, although we will monitor the success of these.

V-sharpphotos.com Terms of Service

1 - Subscribing to blog and newsletter

Click the register section in the top right banner to subscribe or try to access any locked area. You must be over eighteen years of age and access via a compatible computer or smart device.

2 - Communication

Communication between you and V-sharpphotos.com will mostly be by download or Email. We intend to make communication between us as immediate as possible. However we will not be liable for lost communication arising from Internet Service Provision, server outages or any other cause outwith our control.

Maintenance will be kept to a minimum, but is an essentially part of any website, we will try to avoid this at peak times.

3 - Computer virus liability

Without exception we take care in who and what we add to our site. However we accept no liability for any virus on your computer arising as a result of using our site. You must ensure that you have up to date anti-virus protection.

4 - Downloads

Downloads from this site are mostly PDF JPG PNG or Email there can be costs involved. Please bear in mind the third party can be the party you are transacting with for goods and services and not V-sharpphotos.com.

5 - The Seller

The Seller is the provider of goods and or services in exchange. The Seller shall therefore be fully responsible for any and all injuries, illnesses, claims, damage, costs and liabilities suffered in respect of  a User or Member. You will accept that V-sharpphotos.com will not be held in anyway liable for your use of vouchers.

6 - Data protection

All private information received by us from any registration and or your use of the site will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Any personal data collected will be used solely in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988. Please refer to our Privacy Policy available at the foot of each page.

7 - Links & third party content

V-sharpphotos.com will post links & third party content. Sellers are solely responsible for the content provided for sales offers, and for information on products and services on their website. To the greatest extent permitted by law we accept no responsibility for the sales offer information, products or services of Sellers or third parties, including without limitation, any error, omission or accuracy.

We do not promote third parties offering adult or gaming content.  If you find an inappropriate link on our site you should report it to us by emailing vsharpphotos@gmail.com.

8 - Law & jurisdiction

These Terms of Service and your agreement to them are governed by Scots Law and you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts.